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The Hidden Link Between Your Nose and Workplace Productivity

Are you having trouble keeping your eyes open right now? Breathing through your mouth? Feeling a little brain-foggy?  And have you dismissed all of these annoyances because you think it’s... read more
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Legislative Update: Finish Line Edition

If you find yourself needing a breather now that the 2024 Indiana General Assembly session is over, remember that you were advised in our week three update that this short... read more

Legislative Update: Leap Day Edition

He never won an Olympic gold medal in the long jump, but U.S. Track and Field star Mike Powell holds other notable claims to fame. In 1991 and ‘92, Powell... read more

Legislative Update: Row, Row, Row Your Boat Edition

The Ballad of Harbo and Samuelsen, often performed by once-and-again local band Hogeye Navvy, tells the incredible story of two young Norwegian Americans who, in 1896, became the first people ever... read more

Legislative Update: All-Star Edition

Anyone who’s had the good fortune to walk anywhere in Mile Square this past week shouldn’t be surprised to find themselves humming Carly Simon’s 1977 hit “Nobody Does It Better.”... read more
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Funding, Budget, and Credit Strategies for Black Business Owners


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