2019 Legislative Priorities

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Local Government and Fiscal Policy

Local Government Finance

Short-term Rental:

GOAL: Require short-term rental platforms to collect and remit local innkeepers’ tax; dedicate these dollars to accelerating, expanding and sustaining community strategies to combat homelessness and panhandling

OUTCOME: The online sales tax provisions formerly in SB322 were moved into the budget, levying innkeeper’s taxes on short-term rentals (and at ‘retail’ rates for online hotel booking sites) and requiring market facilitators like Amazon to collect state sales taxes.

Home Rule:

GOAL: Allow local government greater flexibility over their own structural and fiscal matters to address the needs of their individual communities

OUTCOME: Issues of regional cooperation and investment, local tax equity and state-local (county) revenue-sharing are on the interim study committee agenda.

Township Finances:

GOAL: Require township funds that exceed 150% of operating expenses to be spent on infrastructure projects within the township or credited to the taxpayer

OUTCOME: HB1177 required townships to prepare a three-year capital improvement plan that outlines a three year budget, cannot collect more property taxes without a balanced budget and capital plan.

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