2019 Legislative Priorities

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The Indy Region is on an upward track. We are creating more jobs at higher average wages, attracting more talent with the strength of our economy and vibrancy of our quality of life, and raising educational attainment to compete in high-tech industries.  We’re bringing in more investment and shipping out more global exports.

Strong foundations. High aspirations.

We’re keeping our sights high.  But lofty goals are built on strong foundations.

Our legislative agenda invests in foundational issues.  By giving more kids affordable access to quality pre-K, we’re creating a better base for our future workforce.  By raising the smoking age and cigarette taxes, we can invest in public health and productivity – energy to work harder and build stronger.

A flawed foundation can erode bigger plans.  Indiana is among a few holdouts without a legal stand against hate crimes.  Building a diverse and competitive workforce demands fixing this outdated omission as well as extending equal protection to all Hoosiers.

Sometimes new opportunities rise out of old foundations.  We need to incentivize and accelerate investment in brownfield sites, so real estate limitations don’t hinder redevelopment possibilities.  And speaking of second chances, we continue to focus on helping ex-offenders rejoin our economy.

But above all, our people will power us towards our highest potential.  We’ve highlighted early childhood education, but learning is a lifetime priority for a competitive workforce.  Our agenda calls for smart investments and employer-driven policies, from K-12 to post-secondary and adult vocational programs.

Read on for more details on our legislative agenda – our blueprint for a stronger economy.

Lisa Schlehuber
CEO, Elements Financial
Chair – Indy Chamber 2019 Board of Directors

Michael Huber
President & CEO
Indy Chamber

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