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Barrett & Stokely

Barrett & Stokely Inc. was founded in 1975 and has been engaged in the acquisition, ownership, management, development, construction, and disposition of income producing properties for over forty-five years. We... read more
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Base Camp Country Real Estate

Base Camp Country Real Estate specializes in land sales while living the lifestyle that we’re helping clients pursue. Whether it be hunting, farming, investment, or a breath of fresh air... read more
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Carr Workplaces

Our nationwide coworking locations exist to connect communities and like-minded individuals together and to foster tomorrow’s innovative ideas.
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EM Capital LLC

Founded in 2021, we are a private real estate investment company that focuses on undersupplied asset classes in overlooked and growing geographies. Our mission is to deliver superior returns for... read more
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ES Property Management LLC

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eXp Realty, LLC

For a state that is more rural than anything else, Indiana manages to draw in many new residents each year, whether it is to a metropolis like Indianapolis or the... read more
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The Hidden Link Between Your Nose and Workplace Productivity

Are you having trouble keeping your eyes open right now? Breathing through your mouth? Feeling a little brain-foggy?  And have you dismissed all of these annoyances because you think it’s... read more
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