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Connor Painting

Connor Painting is a commercial and industrial painting and epoxy floor coatings contractor serving Indiana's finest global and local corporations since 1979. Our mission is to make Indiana a more beautiful place, safely and sustainably, with paint.
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Excel Decorators Inc

Excel Decorators is the premier locally-owned convention & trade show general services contractor in Indianapolis. Created in 1967, we give our customers the service they expect…and deserve.
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Loy Instrument, Inc.

Loy Instrument is a supplier of thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors and other related accessories. It provides a wide range of products, including process-control equipment, recorders, pneumatic and flow measurement products,... read more
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Mayer Fabrics, div Mayer-Paetz, Inc.

Wholesale distributor of upholstery fabrics and supplies.
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Mussett, Nicholas & Associates, Inc.

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Sponsel CPA Group, LLC

Sponsel CPA Group is on pace to quickly become one of Indianapolis’ top full service accounting/CPA firms. Sponsel CPA Group offers a full range of CPA Services – audit/assurances, tax,... read more
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The Hidden Link Between Your Nose and Workplace Productivity

Are you having trouble keeping your eyes open right now? Breathing through your mouth? Feeling a little brain-foggy?  And have you dismissed all of these annoyances because you think it’s... read more
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