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Hey there! Security Federal has been a secure community bank since the doors opened in 1934. Don't let our age fool you - we’re not a bank that's stuck in the past. Today, we remain an innovative, profitable mutual bank in Indiana with seven branch locations in Cass, Howard, Carroll, and Tippecanoe counties, and a loan office in Carmel.

Now serving: You

For households and small to midsize businesses within the communities we serve, you will find quality, flexible solutions for nearly any personal or business banking need.

We’re home to truly local trust specialists, as compared to other financial institutions who offer trust services but are administered in a centralized locations miles, sometimes states, away. You’ll find Investment Services and Insurance Services are all available right here within Security Federal, too.

Is the feeling mutual?

Most financial institutions are owned and governed by stockholders. Not us!

We’re one of few mutual community banks in the nation, which means we’re proudly owned by those who bank with us. Everyone with a deposit with us (such as a checking or savings account) is a part-owner.

Being a mutual bank means we make decisions to please you, our customers, rather than making decisions to please stockholders.

Is the feeling mutual?

Solutions for your personal and business financial goals

The customer experience is our number one priority. We empower our team to be problem solvers who ensure personalized service for each person who banks with us. When you call Security Federal, you talk to our team members, not an automated phone directory system.

You’ll work together with our team to design custom solutions for your financial personal and business goals. We put your needs front and center and support your unique roadmap toward growth.

If you’re a small business owner looking for a new bank, find confidence in knowing when you partner with us, you’ll be joining the more than 350 small businesses who already trust us to provide direction, advice, and financial services.

By the way, if you have a bad experience with us – we want to know so we can improve! Please call, message, or  to give us your feedback. Note: we also love compliments, so please send happy feedback, too!

Show me the money

When you bank with Security Federal, your money remains in the county where you bank. Your money directly supports our community through things like loans to local businesses and individuals and donations to nonprofits and community groups.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The team at Security Federal ensures that we remain vital to our communities by following the core values of Courtesy, Safety, and Flexibility.

Our team members are our most valuable resource. Yearly, we invest over $100,000 in team member development and education. This strengthens our institution and, more importantly, the unlimited futures and opportunities ahead for our employees.

We continue to reassure the community of our high ethical standards and the strength of our institution as an active member of the community by providing the markets we serve with 10% of our annual earnings – more than $160,000 yearly – in sponsorships, donations, and charitable contributions.

We lend a hand to those in need through volunteering to help with fundraising events, community improvement projects, and to serve on non-profit boards because we believe in making our corner of the world a better place for everyone to live, work, and play.


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