Matrix Label Systems, Inc.


Always Family-Owned, Always Customer-Focused


We started Matrix Label in our family’s garage back in 1985, with a belief that the most satisfying way to succeed in a competitive marketplace was to build upon common sense: doing everything we could to take care of our customers.


Thirty + years later, we’ve moved out of the garage, but we’re still a family-owned and family-operated company that sees extraordinary customer service as the foundation of our success. You’ll see it in small things, such as the fact that your phone calls will always be answered by a person instead of a machine. And you’ll see it in bigger ways, such as our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of both our service and the labels we create to support your company.


What Guides Us


Extensive Capabilities

We maintain hundreds of in-stock items and have the capabilities to create highly customized products for any need. That includes everything from digital printing for shorter-run and customized projects, to laser die-cutting which eliminates the need to produce metal dies. For larger runs, our flexographic printing presses offer economical production without sacrificing quality.


Superior quality for your labeling needs

For more than three decades, Matrix Label has delivered innovative solutions for pressure-sensitive labels and continuous tags. In addition to providing products that meet our customers’ highest standards for quality, we’re proud of our ability to engineer solutions to their most difficult challenges, and to offer everything we do with a level of service that consistently exceeds their expectations.


Inventory Management

Our warehouse space and inventory management system allow us to store your labels for you and ship them when and where needed. That capability makes it easier for you to manage nationwide dealer identity or point-of-purchase programs.


Extraordinary Service and Value Engineering

You’ll work with a dedicated account manager, who will be your contact for every service we provide. You’ll also have access to our entire team, so you’re always assured of fast answers to your questions, whether you’re asking about a technical issue or a billing matter. Another key element of our service is consistently meeting promised delivery times, so your production — and your profits — can keep flowing.


We believe that your business deserves more than simply taking and fulfilling your orders. To ensure that our label provides the quality and performance you expect, we analyze the product on which the label will appear, the process used to attach it, and the environment in which it will be expected to perform. That’s how we can be confident that our product will meet your needs.


Matrix Label Systems, Inc.

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