Indianapolis Art Center


Founded in 1934, the Indianapolis Arts League offered painting classes to adults seeking a refuge from the Great Depression. From this seed developed a versatile and independent, high-quality yet accessible art education community where anyone was welcomed. The community grew until 1961 when the Indianapolis Arts League Foundation was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. In 1996, world-renowned architect and Indianapolis native Michael Graves designed the current facility, tripling the number of programs and quadrupling their space. To better reflect the organization’s inclusive philosophy, the name was changed to the Indianapolis Art Center.

While the Art Center has grown significantly over the past eight decades, adapting to the times and to the changing community, it has always remained true to its core belief that access to high-quality arts programs and inspiring settings strengthens the community and adds to the cultural vibrancy of our city.

As Indianapolis grows and faces new challenges, the Art Center adapts and offers new cultural experiences through its free exhibitions, accessible education programs, outreach to new and underserved audiences, and prime location. With its 14 university-level studios and its depth and breadth of offerings, the Art Center today is unique in the city and like very few places anywhere in the country. With five onsite galleries and a nearly 10-acre ArtsPark, it is a cultural hub for Broad Ripple and Indianapolis as a whole

The Indianapolis Art Center offers classes for both youth and adults, camps, workshops, events, tours, facility rentals and teambuilding activities, and is located in the Broad Ripple Village Cultural District.


Indianapolis Art Center

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