2023 Legislative Priorities

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Invest in Hoosier Health


  • Indiana’s healthcare outcomes are chronically poor—a major quality of life and economic competitiveness challenge. 
  • Public health funding per capita is among the lowest in the country, leading to lower life expectancy and high healthcare system utilization. 
  • Healthcare costs are an increasing burden to individuals, employers, and the state’s competitiveness. 


Enhance Indiana’s competitiveness by improving Hoosier workforce health outcomes:

  • Optimize public health service delivery in alignment with the Governor’s Public Health Commission recommendations (minimum service standards, shared service models, Indiana Department of Health technical assistance, talent attraction, etc.) 
  • Appropriate a minimum of $250 million additional annual investment in Indiana’s public health services to compete with the national average. 
  • Target additional investment and policy attention to chronic health challenges such as smoking, infant and maternal health, and mental health. 


Lower healthcare premiums, avoid government overreach, and promote comprehensive solutions that avoid mere cost shifting: 

  • Support comprehensive solutions that reduce healthcare costs for employers and individuals to levels competitive with national averages and peer states. 
  • Reject problematic precedent for government-mandated price caps on healthcare services. 
  • Craft solutions to address all cost drivers and ease the burden on employers and individuals rather than simply shifting costs. 

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