2022 Legislative Priorities

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Welcome to the Indy Chamber’s 2022 Legislative Agenda, the product of an ongoing conversation with thousands of employers across our region about ways to elevate our economy and compete at a higher level.

Ready to Rise

Last year’s agenda focused on a safe reopening from COVID and an overdue emphasis on racial equity as part of a more inclusive community.

Since then, our economy has rebounded and tax revenues have surged into a blockbuster state budget, but many employers are still struggling on the front lines of the pandemic. Lawmakers came together to pass bipartisan police reform, but racial tensions still need to be addressed.

Finally, the decennial Census reported Indiana’s population growth continuing to slow, a stark demographic reminder of the ground we need to cover in quality of life and regional cooperation.

It’s time to rise above short-term distractions and controversies to focus on the future.

Focusing on the future means putting COVID behind us and supporting businesses that act to protect their employees and customers with common-sense vaccination requirements. It also means focusing on educating tomorrow’s workforce and ensuring that every student is supported and empowered to succeed.

Indiana is poised to spend $18 billion on K-12 education in the next two years. But new dollars won’t help students who are isolated or feel unseen in the classroom. And school boards must focus their deliberations on pro-student policies.

Quality schools prepare their students to succeed, but also help their communities compete for talent. The READI program is a bold investment toward attracting new Hoosiers ready to put their talents to work in our economy. Now is the time to maximize current READI resources and plan ahead to sustain regional collaboration and growth beyond the next budget cycle.

Our region is ready to rise – read on for the policy specifics driving our aspirations for the future.

Melissa Proffitt
Partner-in-Charge of Client Relations, Ice Miller
2022-2023 Chair – Board of Directors, Indy Chamber

Michael Huber
President & CEO
Indy Chamber

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