Breakthrough Selling

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Date & Time:
June 17 · 11:30 AM —
1:00 PM
Sandler Training Trustpointe - 6626 East 75th Street, Indianapolis

Are you on the hunt for sustained sales momentum? If you answered yes, then we have just the training for you! Join the Indy Chamber and Trustpointe for lunch and an opportunity to improve processes, personal performance, and results to become the high-achieving sales professional you’ve been striving to be.

JUNE TOPIC: Sales Sin #1—Discounting Your Worth

Are you haunted by the challenge of holding margin? Do you have a strategy to prevent the buyer from holding you hostage to their discount requests? Are you well-versed in the games buyers play to easily get you to discount your price? In this session, we’ll open your eyes to the “Dirty Dozen” games buyers play with the intention of getting you to discount your value.


Sandler Training Trustpointe
6626 East 75th Street Indianapolis
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