Is Influencer Marketing Right for Your Business?

What is Influencer Marketing?

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." – Seth Godin

As a full-service digital and media consultancy, Pence Media Group provides clients with the necessary tools to succeed in the marketing and media landscape. One form of marketing that has taken off in recent years is the practice of Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing allows brands to share information with a target audience that has confidence in the endorsements of the influencers they follow. Considering consumers are more likely to listen to people they admire and feel connected to, influencers can sell experiences, products, and more to followers who trust their endorsement.


At PMG, we believe influencer collaborations are an ideal and creative way to get your business in front of a target audience. We work with influencers to create compelling campaigns and manage those campaigns to ensure maximum audience reach while adhering to our client’s brand. When considering Influencer Marketing for your business, you should understand three basic areas of an influencer campaign: Influencer Outreach, Campaign Management, and Paid Partnerships. 

Influencer Outreach

Upon engaging in an Influencer Marketing initiative, you must first strategically analyze local or national influencers and their audiences. This involves critically evaluating which influencers best showcase brand affinity with your business during this process. 

Pro Tip: You should understand the influencer’s audience engagement levels as much as their follower count as it is an indicator of how receptive followers are to their content. Once a thorough and targeted list is developed, individual influencer outreach can begin.In our initial outreach message, we aim to include any interesting or exciting information regarding the client’s event, collaboration opportunity, or discount we are offering on behalf of a partnership. Influencers with strong engagement are attuned to creating connection with their audiences across their digital platforms and PMG also works hard to create genuine and personal relationships with our influencer partners. 


Campaign Management

Once an influencer has agreed to work with you, you must provide general content and timeline guidelines for their partnership with your brand. Influencer campaign management looks drastically different based upon your objectives. Campaign deliverables can mean anything from individual sponsor content to product collaborations and event appearances. 


Pro Tip: When managing an influencer campaign, businesses should consider creating documents that track each influencer and the promotional content they share. This process allows businesses to capture influencers' outreach for their brand. 


Paid Partnerships 

As mentioned above, one specific form of influencer campaign management is a paid influencer partnership. If your business chooses to go this route, it’s important to work closely with the influencer or their agency to ensure a reasonable agreement regarding the influencer's content deliverables and the goals of the partnership. Paid partnerships can include anything from discount codes, to product giveaways, posts and product collaborations. 

Pro Tip: You can request campaign analytics from the partner to evaluate how the campaign resonated with the audience and track conversations in the case there was a specific call to action. Over time, you’ll be able to compare campaign data and make informed decisions on future campaign elements and partners.


#Consideritdone with PMG in 2023 

What are your business goals? Maybe it’s influencer marketing, a brand refresh, a new social media strategy, or PR + media hits that get your brand in front of new audiences.

PMG was honored with a MUSE Creative Gold Award for Best Small Agency of the Year in 2023. Whatever your needs may be, PMG is eager to learn more about your organization and to support your goals. Our team of experienced professionals is here to build your brand and tell your story while you focus on your business. Consider it done.

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