Second Helpings Re-Launches Culinary Job Training Program

Second Helpings’ Culinary Job Training team took the summer to review the program’s format and curriculum. The re-designed program is now open for enrollment! 

What’s New 

Students and instructors will do a variety of site visits to shadow different foodservice establishments. The program has a renewed focus on strengthening the durable skills graduates will take with them to any job, such as financial literacy, goal setting, and time management. Students will also have the opportunity to complete a paid three-week internship after they complete the first four modules.  

The program’s new structure provides much more flexibility than before, focused around the five sections to complete. Students will be celebrated along the way, as opposed to just on graduation day, as they develop the skills and earn certifications in each module. In addition, if a student needs to leave the program for any reason, this structure will make it much easier for a student to return and complete the program without having to restart from the beginning. 

The program is broken into modules around different learning objectives: 

  1. Life Skills and Career Preparation (2 weeks) 
  2. Kitchen Preparation (2 weeks) 
  3. Basic Cookery (2 weeks) 
  4. Kitchen Math and Employment Readiness (1 week) 
  5. Paid Internship (3 weeks) 

What Continues 

The program continues to be free to all students. To participate, students must be at least 18 years old, and pass a pre-admission exam. Since 1998, Second Helpings has offered 150 classes, and 975 students have graduated from the program. 

This program is taught by Chef Instructors Keith Brooks and Kyle Burnett, who have a combined 50+ years of experience in the culinary industry and have been teaching the program since 2018. 

The Process 

“This summer we enlisted a community taskforce of Chefs, employers, graduates, and other partners to respond to industry needs in the wake of the pandemic,” said CEO Linda Broadfoot. “The Culinary Job Training program is now much more flexible for students in today’s changing work environment.” 

The taskforce was led by Chef Jeff Bricker, Professor of Hospitality, Department Chair, School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts at Ivy Tech Community College.  

Help Us Spread the Word! 

Enrollment is now open. The next class will begin on Monday, October 3.

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