Business Equity for Indy Launches Workforce Pilot

The inaugural program invites companies to take equitable action with a network of support.

Ind. (July 25, 2022)—Business Equity for Indy (BEI) announced today the launch of an inaugural Workforce Pilot. The two-year program, made possible with support from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation and the Lumina Foundation, is designed to support companies with the implementation of evidence-based strategies to reduce disparities, drive equity, and support companies’ business competitiveness.

“Filling job openings—particularly with diverse talent—remains one of the most significant challenges facing our business members today,” said Michael Huber, President & CEO, Indy Chamber. “Through the BEI Workforce Pilot, companies will be equipped with strategies and resources to develop equitable talent pipelines, enhance inclusive hiring practices, and authentically support the health and wellbeing of a diverse workforce. Ultimately, this opportunity was built to help companies prioritize their best assets—their people.”

Through this first-of-its-kind pilot, companies will have access to resources that help them take action to address inequity in the workforce. The Workforce Pilot comes alongside employers, demystifying evidence-based equity strategies and providing top-dollar support for company implementation at no charge. The program is designed to meet companies where they are and help them implement best practices that support the success of Black and Brown employees.

“Disparities in education and employment hinder individuals’ ability to prosper, businesses’ ability to thrive, and the vitality of our community,” said Claire Fiddian Green, President and CEO, Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation. “The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation is pleased to partner with the Indy Chamber to support businesses in their efforts to create greater opportunity for Black individuals and other people of color across our region.”

The BEI Workforce Pilot will host 30 companies and will begin in the fall of 2022. Participating companies will complete a five-stage program with guidance from subject matter and technical experts. Companies interested in applying to the pilot are encouraged to review the program expectations before applying. Applications are due by August 31, 2022, and companies will be notified by mid-September. Learn more and apply for the Workforce Pilot on the Indy Chamber website.


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About Business Equity for Indy

Business Equity for Indy (BEI) is a joint venture of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership and the Indy Chamber, in collaboration with the Indianapolis Urban League, to grow a more inclusive business climate and build greater equity and economic opportunity for the Indy Region’s Black residents and people of color. Learn more about the initiative at

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