DB Services supports Gleaners Food Bank through Surveys for Success program

DB Services has chosen to support Gleaners Food Bank in quarter 3 of 2022 with our Surveys for Success program. Since its founding, Gleaners has distributed nearly 700 million pounds of food and critical grocery items through a committed network of more than 300 food pantries, soup kitchens, schools, and community partners. The Surveys for Success program is our way of saying thank you for your valuable feedback by paying it forward to those in need.

Gleaners' mission is clear and straightforward: to lead the fight against hunger. They believe that there should be food on every table, so each year they provide at least 19 million meals to their communities. Gleaners also has other programs to assist those in need, including nutrition education programs and mobile pantries.

Gleaners also operates Fresh Connect Central, one of seven regional produce cooperatives for Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. Fresh Connect is a program designed to close the gap between food waste and hunger. 20 billion pounds of fresh produce never make it off the farm and are either plowed under or dumped in landfills. Fresh Connect is committed to rescuing as much farm-fresh food as possible and redirecting it to food banks. Today, they serve over 50 food banks, primarily in the Midwest. They redistributed more than 42 million pounds of food in 2021 alone.

Each customer survey we receive is an additional donation towards Gleaners Food Bank. Your feedback for DB Services will not only help our team, but also support the mission of Gleaners in the process! Simply fill out our surveys with your feedback, and together we can make a positive impact.

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