Historic Neighborhoods of Indianapolis: The Mile Square Plan for Indianapolis

Join us for our Historic Neighborhoods of Indianapolis series where we focus on different historic neighborhoods around town!

About this event

How are Washington, DC and Indianapolis the same; and different? Learn about the 1821 plan co-developed by Alexander Ralston in 1821 for the City of Indianapolis modeled after L’Enfant’s plan for Washington, DC. This program will be presented by Meg Storrow.

About the Presenter:

Meg Storrow is a landscape architect and city planner who has worked on registering multiple properties on the National Register, including the Indianapolis Historic Park and Boulevard National Register Listing, the Fort Wayne Historic Park and Boulevard listing and the Columbus Indiana National Historic Landmarks Theme Study. She and her co-principal and husband, John Kinsella founded Storrow Kinsella Associates, an award-winning planning, urban design and landscape firm focused on strategies, places and connections in the public realm. Learn more about their work at: www/storrowkinsella.com.

About this Series:

This event is part of a series presented by the Indianapolis Propylaeum focusing on different historic neighborhoods of Indianapolis. From Meridian Place, to Ransom Place, to Lockerbie, and more. Local experts and enthusiasts will discuss the history, architecture, and historical significance neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis and will share photos and stories from past and present.

About the Propylaeum:

The Propylaeum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to be the place that celebrates and connects women. We value women's leadership, arts and culture, and historic preservation.

For more information please visit https://www.thepropylaeum.org/​​​​​

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