DynamoEdge TERA drA.I.ve is now available!

DynamoEdge and Tessolve are thrilled to announce the availability of their 1st TERA drA.I.ve units for the Automotive Market!
Edge computing unlocks the ability to process applications locally in vehicles and devices, saving the OEMs significant time while reducing cloud storage costs and increasing efficiency.

Edge computing + AI accelerators + the 5G connectivity integrated on our TERA drA.I.ve Service Gateway, based on NXP Semiconductors S32G2 advanced vehicle networking, allows DynamoEdge applications to run securely and at scale.

Predicting the future in real-time for Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance, Fraud Prevention, Traffic Intelligence, Enhanced Safety, and more!


DynamoEdge TERA drA.I.ve is now available!


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