INDOT Partners with Hamilton on New Indiana Welcome Centers

Hamilton is pleased to announce their involvement in a $500 million investment by the Indiana Department of Transportation and the United States Federal Highway Administration. The investment will be used to rebuild ten welcome centers located at different entry points to the state along the interstate.

The first is the Clear Creek Welcome Center near Terre Haute, IN, eastbound I-70. Clear Creek and the other new centers will each have a theme connecting them to the surrounding geographic area. With that in mind, Clear Creek was designated to celebrate “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” The Indianapolis 500. Perhaps one of the most celebrated owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Tony Hulman, was born in Terre Haute.

Hamilton is part of a team of architects, engineers, and numerous other professional firms designing and constructing this $53 million project. Each firm participating in the project contributed their unique expertise. Hamilton was selected to create interior experiential exhibits that would engage, entertain, and inform visitors about the rich heritage of the Indianapolis 500.

Hamilton collaborated with Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) and Penske Entertainment staff members to craft narratives that would be shared across the various physical and digital platforms incorporated into Hamilton’s design. Hamilton used the four pillars of IMS, Tradition/History, Speed/Innovation, Spectacle/Excitement, and Community/Place, to guide their creativity. The team ensured that all stakeholders were involved in selecting the stories to uphold the legacy of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The experiential exhibit will feature static displays and digital interactive opportunities encouraging visitors to engage and learn. Hamilton’s digital team developed the content and interactive programming to display the stories being shared.

The exhibit showcases an Indy Car and various interactive displays calling attention to the rich history of the Indianapolis 500. Visitors can learn about the excitement of being at the track, the latest innovations and safety improvements, as well as the “audacious athleticism” that drivers must possess to compete in this globally renowned race.

Clear Creek is the first of the welcome centers with which Hamilton is involved. Planning is underway on six more welcome centers located at different entry points into Indiana. This multi-year, $500+ million project allows Hamilton to showcase their creative design, digital innovations, collaborative spirit, and pride in being asked to participate in the legacy these welcome centers represent.

Learn more about the Clear Creek Welcome Center rebuild here.

About Hamilton

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