Centric Consulting reached Ridge Partner Status with Salesforce, a recognition that acknowledges our expertise and the success of our Salesforce practice.

Centric Consulting announced today it has reached Ridge partner status with Salesforce. Centric has earned Ridge Status by distinguishing ourselves with our experience, knowledge and successful deployments.

Over the last six months, we have earned Navigator specialization in the following products and industries: Pardot, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Financial Services. Centric previously earned Sales Cloud and Manufacturing. Criteria to receive specializations include demonstrating your knowledge, skills and customer success through completed projects, expertise and certifications earned, and customer survey results.

“We started our Salesforce journey less than two years ago and are thrilled to continue to push the boundaries on our growth and partnership specializations,” said Traci Whetzel, National Salesforce Lead. “In the next year, we plan to continue this success and earn additional levels of recognition as we continue to guide clients in this platform.”

Centric has received additional recognition through our Centric Together program and our participation in the Salesforce Talent Alliance program.

Centric Together is our commitment to growing diversity at all levels and supporting the underrepresented populations within our company and communities. We have received recognition through Salesforce’s program Pledge 1%, and the Lead Pillar through Equality and Sustainable Development. We have pledged to commit our time and profits to different charities that we are passionate about in the communities our employees reside in. 

Along with Centric Together, we have aligned with the Salesforce Talent Alliance program. This connects us with Salesforce candidates who have less than six months of experience, come from a diverse background, and with an emphasis on underrepresented groups who are ready to learn and immerse themselves into the Salesforce ecosystem. Centric has recently developed a training program specifically for these candidates coming into our practice to give them the best experience.

About Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting is a management consulting firm that guides you in the search for answers to complex digital, business and technology problems by asking tough questions, leading crucial conversations and blending our experts with yours. As you navigate what’s next, we can help you conquer change, optimize processes, elevate your technology, and compete in a digital world.

Headquartered in Ohio, with locations across the country and India, Centric has been honored over the years for our commitment to employees, clients and communities. See our accolades. To learn more about Centric’s Salesforce Practice and other Salesforce capabilities, visit www.centricconsulting.com, and check our podcast episode about Salesforce.

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