Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge Winner Launching MyCare Communicator

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Coders. Developers. Programmers. What traditionally was an occupation that conjured visions of sitting in a windowless room is today a vibrant and important piece of the Indianapolis region’s diverse business community. Over the last three years, the Indy Chamber has hosted several challenges and hack-a-thons to not only help foster this community, but to solve real-world challenges companies and government face. 

In 2013, CreateIT, a local health-focused startup, was crowned the winner of the Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge which focused on the state’s growing infant mortality rate. In conjunction with the Indiana Department of Health, CreateIT has been piloting their solution, MyCare Communicator, over the course of the past year. MyCare Communicator is launching in an effort to help prevent infant mortality in Indianapolis.

Scheduled to officially launch on September 19th in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Health and Raphael Health Center, a community health clinic located near 34th Street and College Avenue in Indianapolis, this solution will assist the more than 300 expectant moms.

This software as a service (SaaS) is changing the way clinicians are communicating with their diverse patient population. With features such as appointment reminders, multi-lingual voice calling, and automated health surveys, health care clinics like Raphael will be better able to educate and support patients.

Patients do not need a smartphone to take advantage of the MyCare Communicator. This service can be leveraged through text messaging, email, or the mobile app. All communication channels receive the same benefits and responses and have been beneficial for clinics that serve low income or elderly populations.

Delaware County has already begun their roll out of MyCare Communicator with over a dozen patients already enrolled in the first few weeks of the program.

As several healthcare facilities are discovering the impact of MyCare Communicator additional uses are being discovered. Raphael plans to roll out a pilot program to patients with diabetes and to their general patient population for appointment reminders.

CreateIT is using local tech talent to contribute to the greater good. With events like Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge, the Indy Chamber is helping to solve real-world problems by engaging and growing the local tech community.

For more information about CreateIT’s solutions, visit CreateIT-inc.com.



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