Indiana Drug Czar Jim McClelland to Deliver Keynote at Opioids in the Workplace Educational Event

Panelists to include health, legal and business experts


(INDIANAPOLIS – April 9, 2019) Apex Benefits, a benefits strategy and services provider, is hosting an educational event to help employers understand how to protect their organizations from the potential impact of employee opioid use. “Tackling Opioids in the Workplace” will be held Wednesday, May 1, 2019, from 7:30am to 10:00am at Meridian Hills Country Club, Indianapolis.

The free event, presented by UnitedHealthcare in partnership with the Wellness Council of Indiana and Indiana Workforce Recovery, will feature the insights of Jim McClelland, Indiana executive director for Drug Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement. Subject matter experts from organizations including OptumRx, Ice Miller and Fairbanks will participate in a panel discussion. Attendees also will hear firsthand from employers who’ve experienced worst-case scenarios with opioid-dependent employees.

“From blue collar to white collar environments, the opioid epidemic knows no bounds and often goes undetected by employers until high-risk claims start to hit,” said Apex General Counsel and Vice President of External Affairs Todd Rokita. “It’s important for every employer to know what policies they need to have in place to protect their business and their employees.”

Attendees will come away with practical tips to more effectively navigate the legal, personal and business implications of this crisis.

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Apex Benefits provides employers with benefits strategies that lower healthcare and pharmacy benefits costs and improve the long-term health of their employees. Apex strategists specialize in data-driven benefits design leveraging the organization’s industry-disruptive solutions for predictive analytics, population health management, and medical/pharmacy cost-containment. The independent organization serves all areas of employee benefits including medical, wellness, pharmacy, disability, life and retirement solutions and provides human resource and compensation consulting. For more information, visit

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