Response to Amazon HQ2 Locations Announcement

Below is a statement from Indy Chamber Chief Economic Development Officer Maureen Krauss on Amazon's announcement of New York and northern Virginia for its HQ2 locations:

"Thank you to every person and organization who helped showcase the Indy Region and the state as a whole to the world as part of the Amazon proposal. Simply by being in Amazon’s top 20, we are winners. This honor gave the Indy Region and the state the global exposure and the internal learnings to put us in a very positive position for future prospects. While developing the Amazon proposal, we demonstrated to ourselves and to others that we work exceptionally well as a cohesive region and in partnership with the state. Through collaboration, we created a collective voice for the region. That voice is stronger now than ever before —thanks to your support.

"The Indy Partnership, the regional economic development arm of the Indy Chamber, will be sharing a few of the assets we provided in our proposal, so everyone can see how we positioned the Indy region."

A selection of video assets from the Indianapolis regional bid for Amazon HQ2 is available at

HQ2 Bid Highlight Reel

A Letter to Indianapolis

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