EnviroForensics® and PolicyFind™ Introduces Jené Bastian, Insurance Claims Expert

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 31, 2018—EnviroForensics® and PolicyFind™, a division of EnviroForensics, announces that Jené Bastian joined the company as a Senior Insurance Analyst. EnviroForensics manages complex environmental claims for policyholders pursuing regulatory site closure. Jene’s new role will greatly enhance the company’s ability to serve its client’s needs while interfacing with their insurers, bringing a new perspective to this business sector.

Bastian brings over 26 years of insurance and environmental claims management experience with case expertise ranging from asbestos and long-term claims to policy analysis and coverage interpretation. She worked at international and national insurance companies, which include Aetna and most recently Travelers Indemnity Company.

Bastian says, she is “excited to make a difference in a company that’s fighting for small business owners and their environmental claims.”

EnviroForensics and PolicyFind’s President Jeff Carnahan says, “We are very excited to have Jené on our team. Her decades of experience in the insurance claims world will enhance our claims management capabilities and provide us with an industry perspective that should translate into a better understanding of how the insurance industry operates. Jené’s unique skill set helps further separate EnviroForensics and their ability to use historical insurance policies to clean up contaminated sites, from their competition, and gives their insurance archeology division another solid and seasoned investigator.”

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