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One of the main priorities of the Hogsett administration is a focus on the creation of youth employment opportunities and quality jobs that pay a family sustaining wage.  Both are critical to the continued success of our region and require that we help residents find employment and training that leads to skills for in-demand careers.  Governor Pence has declared September 1-7 as Workforce Development Week, a statewide celebration intended to highlight the on-going work and accomplishments that build and sustain the ecosystem necessary to keep our economy growing, our businesses profitable, and ourresidents thriving.  

The regional workforce partnership of EmployIndy, the Region 5 Works Council, the Indy Chamber, and Central Indiana Corporate Partnership will help residents of all ages find and succeed in the all-important first job. This will lead ultimately to a better job with more responsibility and higher pay, and then to a career in a high-demand, high-wage field. This unique partnership assists residents in making smart choices about their career pathways and gaining the skills that matter for our employers. And it is already showing results. Just in the last month, Larry Balogh used EmployIndy to connect with TechPoint’s Sales Bootcamp and landed an in-demand job with Angie’s List. And Briana Ingram, who successfully completed YouthBuild Indy’s program, joined thegrowing staff of WorkHere, an app that helps people connect with jobs right in their own neighborhoods.

Workforce Development Week is much more than just an opportunity for EmployIndy to share our success stories; it is a chance for employers across the region to showcase a commitment to growing the talent ecosystem. It is also an opportunity to learn more about available resources and how we can work in partnership. You need workers. People want jobs.  And we can serve as a matchmaker to help find and train individuals to meet your workforce demands today and in the future. We hope that you will take part in celebrating Workforce Development Week, September 1-7, and share not only your company’s success in developing talent but your personal journey and career development. #First7Jobs 

As we look to the future and strategize collectively how best to increase the local talent pool, I encourage you to think creatively and partner with us on internships, summer jobs, and work-and-learn experiences. These efforts to expose residents, especially youth, to the demands of employers and the world of work are critical to the future success of our city and your business.

Look for our messages on social media in the coming week and please share your insights as well under the identifier #INJobs. These stories will show off our successes to-date at the local, regional and statewide levels.  Workforce Development Week is a great opportunity for us to join in celebration and re-commit to ensuring our region has the qualified workforce needed to grow the economy.  

Angela Carr Klitzsch, EmployIndy/President and CEO



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