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Success is all about knowing who you are, setting goals and working toward them with purpose. Butoftentimes these things are easier said than done.

With a variety of FREE resources for the entrepreneur of all stages of their business, the Indy Chamber’s Business Ownership Initiative program serves as a guide for helping get an idea off the ground or making business adjustments to help you re-evaluate a business plan, financials and more.

Our business coaches are qualified individuals who help clients move forward and create success. Your business coach determines where you are, where you want to be, and you walk away with a plan to get there using our Cash Management Tool and Client Action Plan.

Business coaches have experience in accounting, entrepreneurship, taxation, general management, marketing/sales, human resources, public relations, government contracting, customer service, conflict mediation, communication skills, team-building, benefits planning, business planning, franchising, marketing research, recruiting, 8(a) issues, software development, intellectual property, and ISO 9000.

To make an appointment for your FREE business coaching session, contact us at  317-917-3266 or email [email protected] today! 

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