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Loy Instrument is a supplier of thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors and other related accessories. It provides a wide range of products, including process-control equipment, recorders, pneumatic and flow measurement products, burners, valves, burner management systems, high-temperature heating elements, pressure regulators and flow switches. The company s products also include sensors, damper actuators, digital and analog panel meters, timers, counters and proximity switches, electronic air cleaners, dial thermometers, pressure gauges, transmitters, and portable combustion and sensit gas analyzers. In addition, it provides thermistors, thermocouples, temperature switches, spark-ignition products, and oils and fluids for vacuum pumps, diffusion pumps and blowers. The company s service department offers various services, including equipment repair, system design and installation, product testing and engineering. It has several offices in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Ind., and Toledo and Garfield Heights, Ohio.