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To help deserving but underserved youth develop the social and emotional qualities needed to be successful in life. Through incentive-based programming, we encourage students to reach their full potential both in the classroom and in life. We use education, athletics and wellness activities as the foundation for youth development.
Fight for Life Foundation was founded by Marlin Jackson, former cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts NFL team to give kids a fighting chance to make it in the world, to let them know their environment does not have to dictate who they are in a negative way.

Marlin’s goal is to introduce kids to life lessons and coach character qualities that he has learned along the way, in order to help them side step some obstacles that he’s faced. If no one has ever shown or talked to you about love, respect, trust, courage, or discipline, then how will you know?

The mission of Fight for Life founders and supporters is to fill a void in children’s lives where guidance is missing. We hope to give kids the fighting chance that each child deserves in life, by instilling the simple qualities that so many people take for granted. This is why we feel compelled to help in the fight for a better life for disadvantaged children. This is why we say, “Dream it…Believe it…Achieve it.
The it is up to you!