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Corporate Offices: 515 S. Main Street
Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone (574) 226-0671 Website www.crossingeducation.com


The Crossing School of Business & Entrepreneurship is a faith-based, state-accredited High School that offers academics, job training and faith-based character education for students who haven’t been successful in the traditional High School setting and/or are seeking to receive essential job training skills.

Student academics are modeled to fit the needs of each student through a self-paced curriculum and by maintaining a balance of certified teachers and professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Student job training is received through partnerships with local businesses, School Based Enterprises and student-run micro businesses under the direction and supervision of our Job Training Instructors.

Faith-Based Character education is provided through daily Family Time, quarterly Family Nights, regular Student Engagement and weekly God Talk.

The Crossing has 10 locations across the state of Indiana. The Indianapolis campus is located at Diversity Church on Raymond Street. We offer a family atmosphere with encouraging staff. As a family, we grow together, have fun, and give back to our community.


Mission Statement

Empowering struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job training and faith-based character education.