Submissions are now CLOSED

Submissions closed for all categories on Friday, July 1. Please consider submitting a project next year.

Requirements & Judging Criteria

Before you submit your project, make sure you’ve covered all necessary bases for the category in which you wish to submit.


Let’s start a conversation about the needs of your business and how we can incorporate those needs with the Monumental Awards.

Entry Guidelines

Entry Guidelines as of May 10, 2022

2022 Entries must be received electronically by the Indy Chamber no later than midnight on Friday, July 1, 2022.

Entry Guidelines:

  1. All projects constructed/completed in Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby Counties between June 1, 2017, and June 1, 2022, are eligible to enter.
  2. Projects may include both public and private sector facilities.
  3. All projects may be entered in as many categories for which they qualify. A separate Entry Form, PowerPoint presentation (16:9 aspect radio), and entry fee ($125) are required for the first submission.
  4. Any project submitted is eligible to win in each category one (1) time only.
    1. This includes the Monumental Award. Honor award projects are not eligible to submit in the same category for future Monumental Award events.
    2. Projects that have been submitted or won previous merit or achievement awards are still eligible to be submitted under different categories and to be considered for the Monumental Award within the three (3) year eligibility period.
  5. Honor award recipients from each category become finalists for the 2022 Monumental Award. You need not prepare a separate submission for this award. Monumental Award finalists will be announced during the awards dinner.
  6. All entries must include separate submissions and a $125 fee for the first submission. There are no fee refunds.
  7. All entries must include a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of fifteen (15) color images best depicting the project in a PowerPoint file in the order they are to be viewed by the jury (full-screen viewing). The images, at 300 dpi, should be included in a PowerPoint presentation in the order they are to be viewed by the jury. The PowerPoint presentation should be only full-screen photos, no text allowed other than the labeling of images (before, after, floor plans, etc.). Renderings and floor plans can be included but are counted against the 15-slide maximum allowedThe PowerPoint file must be named the formal project name. Please note that by submitting your project photos, you are giving the Indy Chamber permission to use the images for the 2022 Monumental Awards or for future Monumental Awards events and promotional materials.
    1. Projects are judged based off of the
      1. Please refer back to that document to ensure that your submission addresses all judging criteria
  8. All entries must include a maximum 1000-word narrative that clearly and concisely outlines the project scope and explains why the project should be considered based on the judging criteria and category requirements, such as if the project is a brownfield redevelopment project or green building. In addition to the 1000-word narrative, a 100-word paragraph and a 50-word paragraph is requested in the Entry Form that will likely be used during the awards ceremony. Please use the 100-word paragraph to recognize any partners as you see fit. Please be sure to include a unique description for each category in which the project is submitted. These paragraphs are subject to change after submission.
  9. Complete entries (both Entry Form and PowerPoint Submission) must be received no later than midnight, Friday, July 1st electronically to the Indy Chamber via the submission form.
  10. Separate supporting documents will only be accepted by including a link (URL) in the ‘supporting document field’. Scanned articles will not be accepted.
  11. Each entry must comply with the 2022 Judging Criteria and Category Requirements for each individual category requirements listed on the Judging Criteria and Category Requirement webpage.
  12. Any entry not conforming to these requirements will not be accepted.
  13. A representative from the submitting organization must be present at the Monumental Awards event on Wednesday, October 5th from 5:00-8:30 pm.

Entry Steps:

Step 1: Click on the ‘begin your submission’ button at the top left of the page, and complete the following information:

  • Contact Information (Name, Email, Title, Company, Address, Phone)
  • Project Information
    • Formal Project Name (this cannot include the submitting organization name)
    • Address of Project
    • Award Category
    • Submitting Organization
    • Address of Submitting Organization
    • Phone of Submitting Organization
    • Owner, developer, designer, and contractor with the main contact person. Please note that co-submissions between firms are limited to joint ventures.
  • The names of two individuals who will be recognized during the Monumental Awards Ceremony. We recommend this be used for a president, CEO, and/or project manager, and include the individual’s name, title, and organization. Please include a phonetic spelling of names to ensure that they are read correctly at the awards presentation

Note: Each winning project will receive two awards.  Additional awards may be purchased after the awards ceremony.

  • For proper recognition of materials, please identify the photographer’s name, email, and phone.  Please note that by submitting your project photos, you are giving the Indy Chamber permission to use the images for the 2022 Monumental Awards or for future Monumental Awards events and promotional materials.
  • Narratives that clearly and concisely outline the project scope and explain why the project should be considered based on the judging criteria and specific category requirements. Jury evaluations will review all narratives.
    • 1000-word narrative (maximum) to be used to describe Honor award-winning projects at the ceremony.
    • 100-word narrative (maximum) to be used to describe the project in various marketing materials.
    • 50-word narrative (maximum) to be used to present the project as an award winner at the ceremony.

Note: You may use the summaries to recognize additional members of the project team (consultants, suppliers, or other contributors), that helped make the project a success.

  • Optional supporting document URL links
  • Optional video URL link related to the project
  • Upload one (1) 300dpi high-resolution image to be used for marketing graphics.
  • Upload PowerPoint Presentation (16:9 aspect ratio) required files based on the 2022 Judging Criteria and Category Requirements.
  • People’s Choice Award will be awarded at the ceremony to the project that has the most “likes” on Facebook.
    • Choose and upload one image
    • Provide 1-2 sentences describing the impact this project will have on the Indy region.

Step 2: Payment and completion of the form.

Note: If you would like to submit multiple projects, you will pay for the first submission and then be directed on how to waive the submission fee for all further submissions.

General questions should be directed to Brooks Carey at 317.464.2276, or bcarey@indychamber.com.