Indy Chamber Masterclass

Date & Time:
August 29 · 1:00 PM —
2:00 PM
Virtual Event

The Indy Chamber has a free, three-part event series that equips entrepreneurs and small business owners with the resources they need to tell their stories. Indy Chamber Masterclasses will take place in June, August, and October with three different—and free—opportunities for business leaders to lean into their brands.


PART TWO: To Make a Statement or Not to Make a Statement, that is THE Question

A situation across the country makes national news, and a few of your clients/customers ask what your company’s position is on the matter. An unrelated situation occurs locally, and your employees ask if you plan to make a statement. A few business leaders are in trouble for misdeeds, and the media asks if this is a trend on which you want to comment.

To make a statement or not to make a statement: that is THE question on many business leaders’ minds these days. There are no easy answers or silver bullets, but there are some communications learnings we all can use to make those decisions faster and less stressful.

Join us for a conversation with Jennifer Dzwonar of Borshoff on why, when, how, and why NOT to make a statement, and please bring your thoughts and questions. Join us virtually on Tuesday, August 29 from 1-2 p.m. Register to secure your spot, today!

Virtual Event
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