Chief Revenue Officer
Julie Grice


Julie Grice is the Chief Revenue Officer for the Indy Chamber. In this role, Grice oversees a team of dedicated professionals who are involved in the revenue generating aspect of the Indy Chamber, including Entrepreneur Services, Sales, and Events. Grice is a member of the Indy Chamber leadership team and actively guides other Indy Chamber programs including the Membership Council, Hispanic Business Council, Business Ownership Initiative, and Central Indiana Women’s Business Council. A 1987 graduate of Ball State University, Grice received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and went on to receive a Master of Science in Sports Administration from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL, in 1989. She has worked with both for profit and non-profit organizations, and has owned two businesses: Porcelain Place Dental Lab and a sponsorship consulting business. She has two children, Spencer and Shelby.


Indy Chamber Team, Leadership Team, Revenue Team


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