Indianapolis LGBTQ+ Business Spotlight: Alex Adams

Why did you choose Indy to launch your business?

As a proud member of the Indianapolis community, a grieving queer person, and having had a unique view and experience in and around our community as a licensed Funeral Director, I recognized a significant need for safe and affirming spaces specifically for queer individuals navigating grief. Indy, with its vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community, lacked resources tailored to our unique experiences of grief and loss. Seeing this gap, I felt compelled to create Indianapolis Queer Grief Community to provide the support and connection that I, and many others, needed but couldn't find. Our city’s welcoming and inclusive spirit makes Indy the perfect place to foster such a vital and compassionate initiative.

How has the community embraced you and your business?

Since the launch of IQGC in November of 2023, the Indianapolis community has embraced our organization with immense encouragement and compassion. Our diverse community has come together in a truly unique way to support our mission of fostering healing, resilience, and hope for queer folx navigating the grief of significant loss. Individuals from various backgrounds, many of whom did not previously know each other, have shown up to support one another in various settings, creating beautiful connections over the shared experience of learning to navigate life with grief, heartache, and loss. This overwhelming support underscores the strength and solidarity within our large but interconnected community, and we are deeply grateful for it.

How can the Indianapolis community support you and your business during Pride month and beyond?

The best way the Indianapolis community can support us during Pride month and beyond is by spreading the word about the safe and affirming spaces we provide. If you know a queer person who might benefit from being surrounded by others who understand the nuances of the queer grief journey, please tell them about IQGC and encourage them to get connected. Sharing our mission and vision with others is incredibly valuable. Additionally, following us on Instagram @queergriefindy is a great way to stay updated and get involved. Your support in amplifying our presence and purpose is immensely appreciated.

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