IndyGo Board Appoints Jennifer Pyrz President and CEO

May 23, 2024 – The IndyGo Board of Directors formally appointed Jennifer Pyrz as the permanent IndyGo President and CEO May 23, during its regular monthly Board meeting.

“Over the last six months, Jennifer has built upon her already proven track record with IndyGo to show poise, strength, and determination in leadership through some pivotal moments. She’s also continued the progress of several major projects, including the Purple Line, scheduled to launch this fall,” said Board President Gregory Hahn.

Pyrz had been working in the role on an interim basis since December 2023, following the resignation of former President and CEO Inez Evans.

“IndyGo has always been a point of pride for me, and I will continue to focus on delivering our mission of connecting this community through safe, reliable and accessible mobility experiences,” said Pyrz. “IndyGo ridership is seeing an upward trend, with the Red Line exceeding one million trips last year. New hires are up by 185% as we continue to actively recruit, retain and incentivize a strong workforce. And we are making tremendous strides in delivering on our promise to expand and improve our network through the implementation of the Marion County Transit Plan and three BRT lines. It’s imperative we keep these efforts moving forward to propel the agency to the next level. I am excited for the opportunity to lead this talented team.”

Pyrz is well-positioned to continue IndyGo’s success. She is a civil engineer who earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Purdue University. She joined IndyGo in April 2020 as the agency’s Chief Development Officer and Vice President of Infrastructure, Strategy and Innovation, overseeing all day-to-day planning, design and construction at IndyGo. That has included oversight responsibility for the much-anticipated Purple Line, one of the nation’s largest all-electric Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line projects.

Prior to joining IndyGo, Pyrz was an engineering consultant who helped IndyGo with everything from security, HVAC, and lighting upgrades to bus stop improvements, and the planning and construction of the Red Line. But her experience with large-scale infrastructure projects extends well beyond IndyGo. In addition to her work with the agency, Pyrz played a major role on projects like the Bloomington Transit Center, I-69 Section 6 and the GM Stamping Plant Redevelopment.

Pyrz will assume her new role effective immediately.

Jennifer Pyrz, IndyGo President & CEO

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