Bosma Center for Visionary Solutions hosts Columbia Club for a half-day of service

On March 12th, Bosma hosted the Columbia Club for a half-day of service at the Bosma Center for Visionary Solutions.

“We were honored to partner with Bosma for one of our service projects,” said Dick Hester, Columbia Club Board Member and Chair of the Leadership and Civic Engagement Committee. “We are thankful for the many contributions Bosma makes to the city of Indianapolis, including the resources and programming it provides to those who are blind or visually impaired.”

As part of the service project, Columbians assisted center clients while generating lasting community impact. The educational portion of the day told the story of one of Bosma’s clients and detailed how the individual overcame the challenges that often accompany vision loss.

Blindness often stokes fear and misconceptions. By collaborating with the Columbia Club, members were able to gain firsthand knowledge about vision loss, dispelling myths, and dismantling barriers. Enhanced public awareness creates more opportunities for the visually impaired, fostering inclusivity and support for the blind and visually impaired community. Through this collaborative effort, the Columbia Club and Bosma are contributing to a more inclusive and supportive environment for those affected by visual impairment.

“I am thankful and thrilled to have hosted the Columbia Club at Bosma,” said Jeff Mittman, president and CEO of Bosma Enterprises. “I’m involved with both of these organizations, and it was wonderful to see them come together through a day of service dedicated to learning more about vision loss and how to overcome it.”

Volunteers are an integral part of the center. They help meet the needs of thousands of clients each year and are essential in fulfilling the mission of creating opportunities for the blind or visually impaired.

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About Bosma

Rooted in more than 100 years of history, Bosma is one of Indiana’s largest nonprofit organizations providing training and employment opportunities to people who are blind or visually impaired. Bosma Enterprises, the organization’s business entity, helps socially responsible companies with a focus on supplier diversity expand sourcing options with high-quality goods and services. The Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation raises needed philanthropic funds for Bosma’s Center for Visionary Solutions, which is located in Indianapolis and served over 1,000 clients last year. Our experienced staff members, more than half of whom are blind, offer personalized programs throughout Indiana, ranging from counseling to job placement and training for daily living skills. Learn more by visiting

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