Copilot Adoption and AI Readiness

Joseph Ours, Centric Consulting’s AI Strategy Lead, and Michael McNett, Modern Workplace Practice Co-Lead and Microsoft 365 Expert, penned an article for TechRadar spotlighting how tech adoption can expose AI readiness.

TechRadar, a go-to source for business computing and IT news, guides, features, and reviews, recently published an article by Centric Consulting AI experts Joseph Ours and Michael McNett. The article “Microsoft 365 Copilot Will Expose Who’s Ready for AI,” offers an insightful look at how to prepare to get the most out of the new and promising technology.

“Done properly, implementing Copilot promises to be transformative for your organization, driving innovation, drastically increasing efficiency, and making your organization even more competitive,” the authors note in the article. “However, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is an expensive and potentially risky investment if not implemented properly.”  

Ours and McNett share how to limit the exposure of private information within your organization, how the sophisticated structure impacts training, potential hurdles to plan for before making the Copilot leap, and questions to ask to determine if your company is ready culturally, financially and technologically to begin investing in generative AI models at a large scale.

Read the full article in TechRadar.


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