Storytelling For Leaders Workshop

The ability to persuade others is a critical competency for leaders. You want to convince customers to buy your products or services, your employees and peers to go along with a new strategic plan, your boss to allocate resources to your projects, or investors to fund your next venture. Yet, many leaders struggle to communicate, let alone inspire.

Leadership Johnson County is holding the workshop Storytelling for Leaders: Inspiring and Influencing Others to Think and Act Differently on Tuesday, December 5 from 9:00 to 12 noon at the Johnson County Armory, 325 Minuteman Way, Franklin. Participants will learn how to motivate others to action by engaging listeners’ emotions and energy by telling a compelling story.

Registration is required. Cost is $59 per person for Leadership Johnson County Signature Program graduates, Franklin College alumni, Franklin, Aspire and Indy Chamber members. General public pricing is $69 per person.

Register at:

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