Silencing Your Inner Impostor: Understanding Impostor Syndrome

You’re smart, accomplished, and have a pretty impressive resume. Yet some days you still feel like you’re “faking it.” These feelings are common and very normal – about 70% of people experience Impostor Syndrome, which can sabotage your confidence and impede your productivity. In LJC’s workshop, Silencing Your Inner Impostor: Understanding Impostor Syndrome, facilitator Carolyn Goerner will help you identify Impostor feelings, understand their source(s), and develop strategies to deal with those thoughts when they arise.

The workshop will be held Tuesday, November 7 from 9:00 to 12 noon at the Johnson County Armory, 325 Minuteman Way, Franklin. Registration is required. Cost is $59 per person for Leadership Johnson County Signature Program graduates, Franklin College alumni, Franklin, Aspire and Indy Chamber members. General public pricing is $69 per person.

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