Indy Chamber Announces 2023 Candidate Endorsements 

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October 10, 2023 

Indy Chamber's Business Advocacy Committee releases endorsements for the Regional Mayoral and Indianapolis City-County Council Elections 

Ind. (October 10, 2023) – The Indy Chamber's Business Advocacy Committee (BAC), eminent for its commitment to regional collaboration and supporting the business community across Central Indiana, is pleased to announce its endorsements for the upcoming 2023 municipal elections. These endorsements reflect the BAC's dedication to advancing regional development and economic progress throughout the nine-county Central Indiana region. 

As a non-partisan organization, the Indy Chamber's BAC carefully evaluated candidates through interviews and diligent research and selected candidates based on their support of Indy Chamber priorities and potential or proven leadership in the region's business community. The committee's endorsements span regional mayoral and Indianapolis City-County Council races, emphasizing the importance local elected leadership has in enhancing the region's overall competitiveness and success. 

Adam Burtner, Vice President of Business Advocacy at the Indy Chamber, expressed the importance of these endorsements, stating, "Our endorsements reflect our commitment to fostering a thriving business environment across Central Indiana through strong elected leadership and effective policymaking. We believe these candidates possess the vision and dedication needed to fuel regional growth and prosperity." 

In the regional mayoral races, the Indy Chamber's BAC proudly endorses many incumbent mayors and a few new candidates who are dedicated to economic development and the betterment of the entire Indy region. These endorsed candidates have consistently demonstrated their commitment to fostering regional collaboration among businesses, stakeholders, and communities with a shared vision of sustainable economic growth. 


  • Sue Finkam (R-Carmel) 
  • Scott Fadness (R-Fishers) 
  • Steve Barnett (R-Franklin) 
  • Guy Titus (R-Greenfield) 
  • Mark Myers (R-Greenwood) 
  • Joe Hogsett (D-Indianapolis) 
  • Matt Gentry (R-Lebanon) 
  • Kenny Costin (R-Martinsville) 
  • Chris Jensen (R-Noblesville) 
  • Scott Furgeson (R-Shelbyville) 
  • Scott Willis (R-Westfield) 
  • John Stehr (R-Zionsville) 

Indianapolis City-County Council endorsements were made with the future of our capital city in mind. The Indy Chamber's BAC extends its support to candidates who have developed robust and effective plans for Marion County and support for Indy Chamber priorities such as downtown revitalization through the establishment of an economic enhancement district (EED), housing support for unhoused residents, and economic development initiatives that continue the strong momentum of recent development project investments throughout the city. It is imperative the Indianapolis region has a strong and effective City-County Council, and these endorsements reflect the committee’s belief that these candidates are best suited to tackle our community’s most pressing challenges. 


  • District 1 – Leroy Robinson (D) 
  • District 2 – Brienne Delaney (D) 
  • District 3 – Dan Boots (D) 
  • District 4 – Natalie Goodwin (R) 
  • District 5 – Maggie Lewis (D) 
  • District 7 – John Barth (D) 
  • District 9 – Keith Graves (D) 
  • District 10 – Ali Brown (D) 
  • District 11 – Crista Carlino (D) 
  • District 12 – Vop Osili (D) 
  • District 14 – Andy Nielsen (D) 
  • District 15 – La Keisha Jackson (D) 
  • District 16 – Jessica McCormick (D) 
  • District 17 – Jared Evans (D) 
  • District 18 – Kristin Jones (D) 
  • District 19 – Frank Mascari (D) 
  • District 20 – Michael-Paul Hart (R) 
  • District 21 – Josh Bain (R) 
  • District 25 – Brian Mowery (R) 

Burtner further emphasized the significance of local elections, saying, "Local leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our communities, with Mayors and City Councils influencing decisions directly impacting our businesses, neighborhoods, and daily lives. Yet municipal elections see the lowest voter turnout of any election cycle. I urge all business leaders and residents of the Indy Region to engage in these races and, above all, vote!" 

Local elections play a critical role in the business community and the daily lives of all of us. Your vote can make a difference. Early voting for the General Election begins tomorrow, 10/11. Find your voting location here https://vote.indy.gov/early-voting/.   


About the Indy Chamber 

The Indy Chamber serves as a voice of progress and improvement in the Indianapolis region, uniting business and community to maintain a strong economy and quality of life on behalf of thousands of members across Indiana's largest metropolitan economy. The Chamber's advocacy efforts, networking events, economic development initiatives, and other member benefits promote success for individual members and a more competitive, pro-growth climate across the Indy region. In June 2021, the Indy Chamber was designated by ACCE as the 2021 Chamber of the Year. 

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Molly Carlino, Director of Communications 

Indy Chamber 

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