Sheltering Wings is Here to Help During Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month and Beyond.

Sheltering Wings is here to engage your team during October – Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.  

The key to ending domestic violence is simpler than you think.  

It really comes down to investing in our youth so that they will grow into happy, healthy, and responsible adults.

In fact, you’re probably already doing it.  

At Sheltering Wings (Indiana's second largest domestic violence shelter), we work hard to prevent and end abuse, and during October, our awareness and prevention efforts are heightened. 

YOU are the key to ending domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships. Your commitment to help by engaging your staff and coworkers is how we create change together. 

Will you share this information with your team? 

Connecting with young people is the most powerful tool against violence and abuse.:
Get to know them, talk to them, understand them, help them, and build relationships with them.  

The Search Institute has identified 40 positive life experiences that have a positive impact on a person's life. Children and teenagers who have high levels of these assets get involved in fewer risky behaviors (perpetration of violence is one of them) and are much more likely to exhibit positive values, such as leadership, good health, diversity, and success in school. 

We all know growing up isn’t easy. As a caring, trusted adult, you can provide the building blocks young people need to succeed and reach their goals. 

At Sheltering Wings, we’re not only focused on making sure young people grow up healthy, but we’re also focused on ending domestic violence; these goals go hand-in-hand. Learn more about the 40 developmental assets and what you can do this month at 

Leaders, we have so many ways that you and your business can prevent domestic abuse and help survivors and their kids.  Whether you’re looking for a team volunteer service project, to educate your team or leadership through training, or to engage them by gathering funds and items for victims of abuse, we’d love to work with you.  

Visit for more information or contact Paige Vanzo, Development Director at 317-386-5049 [email protected].  

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