2023 Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference

2023 Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference

Join us in Novi, Michigan, for the 2023 Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference taking place September 26 – 27, 2023, at the Suburban Collection Showplace. Great Lakes WBC, along with our 2023 Conference Title Sponsors, DTE and RIM, look forward to connecting again in person, while we learn how to Scale Up for Success and celebrate the accomplishments by our WBEs and Corporate Members.

What is the Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference?

The 2023 Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference brings together 1,000+ certified women-owned businesses from around the country, corporate and government supplier diversity, and procurement professionals. The conference addresses the needs of emerging and established business owners.


Scale Up for Success
Scaling a business is a measure of success no matter your size or industry, but it becomes even more important for small businesses and startups. In today’s fast-paced landscape, knowing how to scale a business is more essential than ever. In business, the definition of “scale” is to increase revenue at a faster rate than costs. Businesses achieve this in several ways, from adopting new technologies to finding “gaps” in their operations that can be streamlined. Businesses that are able to add revenue and increase operational demands while maintaining the same costs – or even lowering costs – will be able to scale successfully.

The 2023 Women’s Business Conference will Feature:

  • Corporate Meet & Greet
  • Coaching Labs
  • Educational Workshops
  • WE Pitch
  • WE Match 1:1 Sessions
  • Awards Program
  • Excellence in Supplier Diversity Awards


Registration Link


2023 Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference website: https://www.greatlakeswbc2.org/ereg/index.php?eventid=720597&

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