PATTERN Announces Creative Crossroads: Indiana’s Creative Economy Summit; Friday, Oct. 27

Ind. (September 7, 2023)–Indiana is set to embark on a transformative journey into the heart of its creative economy with the much-anticipated Creative Crossroads: Indiana's Creative Economy Summit. Hosted in partnership with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), the summit will take place at The Stutz on October 27 preceding PATTERN's volume 24 launch party, dedicated entirely to celebrating Indy's creative economy. The one-day event aims to catalyze the growth and development of Indiana's creative industries, positioning the state as a hub for innovation and cultural richness.

“This event is a game-changer,” said Polina Osherov, founder and creative director, PATTERN. “We're weaving together the threads of art, innovation, and entrepreneurship to craft a stronger, more resilient Indiana."

Investing in and promoting the creative economy is not merely an option – it's a strategic imperative. Indiana has the chance to position itself as a dynamic, innovative, and culturally rich destination. These attributes are known to enhance competitiveness, drawing businesses, investors, tourists, and talented individuals seeking a distinctive and enriching experience. Furthermore, a thriving creative economy fosters sustainable growth, contributing significantly to the city's overall economic success and global standing.

“This Summit is an important step to advance the creative economy in Indiana,” said Salena Scardina, EVP of external engagement for the IEDC. “Supporting this sector of entrepreneurs aligns perfectly with the IEDC’s 5E strategy, and this event will help shine a spotlight on Indiana’s focus on innovation and talent.”

The Creative Crossroads: Indiana's Creative Economy Summit will unite visionaries and experts from Indiana's philanthropic, corporate, tech, entrepreneurship, and creative sectors. The summit will delve into critical topics that include:

  • The Role of Policy in Shaping and Supporting the Creative Economy: Examining how public policy can foster and sustain the growth of Indiana's creative industries.

  • The Economic and Cultural Impact of the Entertainment Industry on Rural Regions: Understanding how the entertainment industry can be a catalyst for economic development and cultural enrichment in rural areas

  • The tangible and intangible impacts of non-profit arts in Indiana: Exploring the impact of public art programs and artist hubs on cultural tourism

  • Policy Crafting for a Thriving Creative Economy: Fostering Opportunities in Music, Film, and Design

  • Cultural Entrepreneurs: The New Wave of Creative Business Spotlighting artists and creatives who are not just making art, but creating sustainable businesses that contribute to Indiana's economic landscape

  • Creative Collaborations: Partnerships for Prosperity: Exploring how cross-industry collaborations between creatives and businesses generate economic value and enhance community wellbeing

  • The Humble Giant: Unveiling the hidden gems of Indiana’s creative economy through story-telling

Be part of the movement that will shape Indiana's future as a dynamic and culturally rich state. For registration and more information, please visit the website.

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