Anonymous: Unsung Hoosier Heroines – Women of the Labor Movement

About the Series: To recognize the Indianapolis Propylaeum's 100th year at 1410 N. Delaware, we have created a new program series to honor and celebrate the incredible Hoosier heroines whose stories have gone untold. Women have been at the forefront of every great movement, every great stride that Indiana has made. However, we are not told their stories with the fervor that men’s stories are told, if at all. The goal of the Anonymous: Unsung Hoosier Heroines series is to highlight the women who have done great things in Indiana, but because of the eras that they lived, they did not receive the credit.

About the Program: The journey to equal rights for women has been woven tightly with the fight for workers' rights and organized labor. Join our panel of current and former female labor leaders to learn about how our struggles are intrinsically linked. Hear about the connection between the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Labor Secretary Francis Perkins, and the call for suffrage. Come and learn about the unsung heroines of the labor movement, both past and present, so we can celebrate their contributions to women's equality.

Our panelists will talk about the successes and challenges for women in organized labor and how we can move forward together. Panelists include Joanne Sanders, Cordelia Lewis-Burks, and UnoBlessed Coons.

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