Fresh Tech of HR: Digital Transformation in the Real World

Disengaged employees cost companies $7.8 billion every year.

If that doesn’t convince you of the extreme danger of lack of engagement, keep reading:

  • 60% of companies don’t have a long-term internal communications strategy
  • 74% of employees think they’re missing out on important company news
  • When communication is ineffective, only 6% are satisfied with their benefits
  • Employees who are satisfied with their employers’ communications are 177% more likely to be holistically well

This is a big deal.

But with all these new HR tools and technologies, it’s hard to sort out the effective ones from the not-so-effective ones.

NFP Consultants Brandon Collins and Brad Carter explore real examples from real clients who’ve leveraged the right tools to move the needle in their communications efforts. And build the employee experience their teammates had always dreamed of.

Register now for Fresh Tech of HR: Digital Transformation in the Real World​ on Thursday, June 29.

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