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From Bean to Mug

Tinker Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster in Indianapolis, was founded by brothers-in-law Stephen Hall and Jeff Johnson who were on a mission to roast amazing coffee. After travels across the world that led to experiencing unique coffee, the duo recognized Indianapolis was lacking the coffee culture that other cities possessed. After much trial and error, a lot of how-to books, and helpful tips and tricks from Indy’s growing coffee community, Tinker was finally up and roasting in 2014.

From bean to mug, Tinker Coffee’s approach to roasting is full of passion and precision. The journey to an amazing specialty coffee starts with high-quality green coffee beans. These beans come from different regions around the world and all have their own unique flavor profile. Once beans arrive at the roastery, it’s Tinker’s time to shine. With thorough attention to detail and extreme quality control, the final product out of the roaster is a well-balanced, expressive coffee that any coffee lover can enjoy.

Not only is Tinker roasting good coffee, but they’re also doing good in the world. Through a partnership with Project Alianza, they’ve helped provide hundreds of students on Nicaraguan coffee farms access to a quality education. This partnership led to their relationship with Nicaraguan coffee farmer, Bayardo Reyes. A portion of all sales from this coffee goes back to Project Alianza to support their mission. Now, that’s drinking coffee for a cause!

Ready for your dose of Tinker Coffee? The roastery is open for bag sales Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or you can visit their café at The Amp for specialty lattes and more. Tinker also offers a subscription service that delivers exceptional coffee to your doorstep every month. And in case you missed it, Tinker is opening a new café in Downtown Indianapolis at the corner of Market Street and New Jersey in the space previously vacated by Starbucks. “There is so much growth opportunity in specialty coffee in Indy,” said Stephen Hall.


Since becoming Indy Chamber members, Tinker Coffee has used their membership as a way to build connections within the community. “You never know who you’re going to meet [at events] and the content at these events really invites you to get a deeper understanding into the development of the region,” said Hall.

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