West Washington Street Corridor Enters Second Phase of Redevelopment

Indianapolis Airport Authority, the City of Indianapolis, and Develop Indy are working with MKSK on a four-phase implementation study for West Washington Street.

Ind. (Jan. 23, 2023) — An economic development and implementation study of the West Washington Street Corridor is underway, resulting in market data to support development projects, with an emphasis on actionable recommendations from the Urban Planning and Design firm MKSK. The four phases of the economic development study include Phase One - Assessment, Phase Two – Redevelopment Plan, Phase Three – Implementation Strategy, and finally, Phase Four – Public Finance Strategy, set to be complete in May 2023. This work is the natural continuation of prior planning efforts along the corridor to move from visioning into implementation, focusing on real-time market data and identifying development barriers.

MKSK Principal Andy Knight and Senior Associate Planner Aaron Kowalski are working with leaders from the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Airport Authority, Develop Indy, and Wayne Township stakeholders and community members to identify catalytic opportunities for economic development and future investment.

“The plan includes recommendations for renewed neighborhood and commercial centers and identifies opportunities for new development that will contribute to the character of the community,” Kowalski said. “In addition to regional economic development opportunities, utilities and vacancies, we’re looking at open space and connectivity improvements such as sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes.”

The purposefully rapid six-month pace at which this study is being conducted makes guidance from city and township stakeholders imperative. MKSK will engage the public in three topic-specific workshops, including neighborhood, business, and airport impacts, through stakeholder committee meetings, individual and group stakeholder meetings, interviews, and focus group meetings.

“West Washington Street Corridor has the opportunity to be a true community economic development archetype that enhances the neighborhood for current residences and businesses while also attracting new residents to live here,” Councilor Jared Evans said. “This portion of Indianapolis continues to expand quality of life projects like trails and sidewalk improvements. With how much shovel-ready property is available and its proximity to regional anchors like the airport and FedEx facilities, the Washington Street Corridor is poised for future investment.”

MKSK plans to present its market and development study to stakeholders in February, with a tentative date to launch Phase Three, Implementation Strategy, in March. The convening groups continue to discover and discuss the highest and best use of the property along Washington Street. To learn more about the implementation study and connect with development leaders in this project and others, connect with Develop Indy today at IndyChamber.com/DevelopIndy.

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