Seek MORE Internship Program Develops Female Leaders in Business

MORE Magazine offers internship opportunities to freshmen and rising sophomores during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. The internship program focuses on building experience in leadership and further developing career skills. In the last year, two interns have moved on to become President of various school organizations, becoming leading women in business.


The goal for each semester is to have each intern lead a section, giving everyone a chance to hone leadership skills. Harper Harris, a former intern with MORE Magazine, learned “how to delegate and time manage projects.” Through this internship experience because she was given the challenge of ensuring she and others met deadlines. Faith Peebles, another former intern with MORE Magazine, shared, “I have never led a team of people exclusively my age, this internship gave me the opportunity to effectively lead a group of peers.” 


The interns that work with MORE come out of the internship ready to take on new challenges because they have grown as an individual in their skill sets and feel comfortable with their strengths. During Faith’s time with MORE, she grew in the role of Lead Intern, building her confidence to go on to be president of her sorority, “The experience I gained leading girls my age and older was integral to me feeling confident enough to apply and feel comfortable guiding girls two or three years older than me,” shared Faith. As both Harper and Faith moved on from MORE, the experiences gained will follow them onto their next leadership opportunities. 


MORE Magazine works to empower everyone, including interns; working at MORE means open communication and having a voice. Interns don’t go unnoticed at MORE Magazine and build the confidence needed to be a leader. Harper and Faith shared advice for female leaders to come, “be confident in the leader you are,” said Harper. Faith followed with, “I want all female leaders to feel comfortable pushing the boundary." You can meet MORE interns here.


MORE Magazine is currently seeking partners to support the Seek MORE Internship Program. This program enables opportunities for freshman and rising sophomore women pursuing business by sharing with them an internship that sets them up for success through mentorship, resume building, interview prep, and building a tangible portfolio they're able to speak on along with free access to multiple professional networks. The internship builds workshops with women who share time with interns to share important topics such as self-advocacy in the workplace, mental health + your career, and achieving a work/life balance to help build not only their professional selves but personal selves. Learn more about seeking MORE.


MORE Magazine was created with the mission to Make Opportunities Reachable for Everyone through curated content. It is meant to educate, inspire, and call to action. MORE Magazine was made for those wanting more for themselves, the people they love, and the community around them. MORE releases issues in both April and October of every year, with the Fall issue being centered on women.

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