New Benefit for Indy Chamber Members – Limited Spots Remaining

All U.S.-based organizations can become cyber resilient and we would like to help you get there by starting with the NIST 800-171 compliance guidelines set forth by the DoD.

We have an unbelievable opportunity for you (completely funded by the way) to get your cyber security efforts swimming in the right direction.

As you may know, there can be severe consequences for those of us who are not following proper cyber security compliance guidelines. Consequences may include:

· Having systems locked down and continuity of services halted

· Bankruptcy of your company

· Reputational damage from data breaches

· Loss of the people’s essential data

· Corrupted and infiltrated systems

But with a cyber plan and compliance management system in place, your customers will feel safe knowing you are looking out for them, employee work can continue without interruption, you are protecting yourself from non-compliance penalties and you will feel relief that you have done everything you can to protect your company from any issues that may arise.

I want to invite you to participate in this special offer. Unfortunately, we only have enough funding to help 30 organizations. So if you want on board, you must act fast! Here's how it works:

Lionfish Cyber Security has been awarded an Indiana Innovation Grant to help companies within the State of Indiana work towards becoming cyber resilient. And because of this grant, we are both pleased to offer you the Lionfish Cyber Tackle Box and related training, FREE FOR ONE YEAR ($6k for Cyber Tackle Box and $5k for the training equaling a $11,000 value)! The Cyber Tackle Box orchestrates cyber security management with modules that address compliance, workflow solutions, tool identification, vendor management, and training.

Specifically for you, using the Cyber Tackle Box, we would like to help you work toward becoming cyber resilient by adhering to the NIST 800-171 guidelines set forth by the DoD as a baseline for all U.S.-based organizations to become cyber resilient.

To take advantage of this special benefit, simply register for the Cyber Security and Resilience Workshops being held in December (see dates below). Once registered, the webinar link and a login to the Cyber Tackle Box will be provided to you before the webinar time. And as a bonus, you will also automatically receive a free preliminary dark web scan from Lionfish Cyber Security! Dark web scans help identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

Register here:

Can't make these dates? Don't worry, these training will be recorded and placed into the Cyber Tackle Box for you to watch on-demand. But it is mandatory to register as we only have a few spots available with the grant funding.

Cyber Security and Resilience Workshop - Creating a Solid Cyber Foundation

Three days of workshops, 4.5 hours long each day. Designed to help Cyber Tackle Box users get through the NIST 800-171 /CMMC compliance practices.

The training will be recorded and placed into the Cyber Tackle Box for all future needs and reviews.

· Dec 9, 2022, 12:00 - 4:30 PM

· Dec 12, 2022, 12:00 - 4:30 PM

· Dec 16, 2022, 12:00 - 4:30 PM

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope you can take advantage of this wonderful benefit we have secured.

Thank you,

Katrina Terry, C|EH | CRO | Lionfish Cyber Security
1.877.732.6772 ext 725 | [email protected]

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