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During this season of generosity and togetherness, we at Timmy Global Health invite you to help us address increased food insecurity in the communities we serve. As you know, food-price inflation has reduced the purchasing power of many families, who now can afford less quantity and variety of food.

The consequences are evident in the vulnerable and under-resourced communities we serve, but despite food-price inflation and climate shocks, all of our international partners have continued to restore health through food and nutrition:

  • BANELINO identified 29 malnourished, Haitian children, who are now receiving multivitamins as well as food kits for their families, and they will soon benefit from a community garden.
  • 32 Volcanes welcomed an additional 52 malnourished children in their nutrition program in Guatemala.
  • Bebor Model Nursery and Primary School continues to feed over 40 students in three schools in Nigeria.
  • Hombro a Hombro in Santo Domingo, Ecuador provided laying hens, and 6 families continue to obtain eggs.
  • Tierra Nueva started providing supplements, vitamins, and medication to 18 malnourished children in the South of Quito.

For this, we would like to share two exciting ways you can contribute:

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