Fall 2022 MIP Lunch & Learn

Join other MIP software users at our upcoming “MIP Lunch & Learn”.  During this 1-hour online educational webinar, we’ll provide helpful hints and tips, best practice advice, and updates on new and upcoming product features.

Lunch & Learn Dates

Wednesday, October 19th – Noon to 1:00 pm ET         Reserve your seat here!

Thursday, October 20th – 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET              Reserve your seat here!

*The same information will be covered during each session*

CPE Credit: 1 credit

Cost:  Free


Helpful Accounts Receivable Tips for MIP Users

During this free 1-hour lunch and learn we will cover some of the most common Accounts Receivable questions we receive from MIP users including:

  • How to Create a System Generated Accounts Receivable Invoice (ARS)
    Managing invoices promptly and accurately is key to maintaining good relationships with your clients.  We’ll show you how you can set up MIP to automatically create the invoices for you.
  • Email Invoices in Accounts Receivable
    Isn’t it time to begin automating your billing processes.  We’ll show you features in MIP that give you the ability to email AR invoices directly to your customers.
  • How to Apply an A/R Payment to an A/R Invoice
    You have received a payment from a customer for an outstanding invoice. We’ll show you the steps to properly apply the payment to the correct invoice.
  • How to Handle AR Overpayments
    You’ve just received an overpayment for an invoice.  Now, what do you do?  We’ll show you a few different ways to handle it.
  • How to Reverse a Posted Accounts Receivable Receipt or Prepayment (ARC)
    Many things can happen that prompt the need to reverse an AR receipt.  Maybe your customer stops payment on a receipt or a receipt comes from an account with non-sufficient funds.
  • Understanding Aged Reports
    The Account Receivable aging report can present what appears to be inaccurate numbers. We’ll show you how to use the report builder and properly analyze the financial picture they depict.

Do you have any questions? Contact Leeah Peters at 800.232.8913 or [email protected].

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