Workshop-From Judgement to Joy

Human connection with others is a powerful experience. When we create intentions around self-love + self-compassion and invite in conversation, we find transformation.

What does Transformation look like?

Align your values to get more done by more fully living into your authentic confidence.

Move from self-doubt to aligned action and get out of the spin cycle of your racing thoughts.

Rediscover what brings you JOY and cultivate a mindset of creating more (even in the midst of busyness).

Let go of anger, resentment + judgment and experience Joy, Self-Love + Rest.

Discover + live into your purpose by moving from self-preservation to self-compassion.

Why now?

This is your chance to move from exhausted back to essential and nurture yourself from the inside out.

Gain clarity on your triggers and the unwanted identities and judgments that keep you disconnected.

Reflect and offer self-compassion to yourself and others to create ongoing awareness and integration to feel lighter and experience real JOY daily.

Because we all need a break from the fear, doubt, overwhelm and blame that plague us.

You are overdue for a pause, a day to rest, some self-nourishment, and a reminder of your power and you deserve it now, more than ever!

What's Included?

A chance to dig deep and get intentional about the process, rather than the outcome.

A day of comfort, stillness + presence.

A light breakfast, coffee + tea, a healthy lunch that meets most dietary needs, bottled water and assorted drinks + snacks.

All-day access to a restored shabby chic farmhouse and the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and walking paths.

Engagement with Jennifer and Simona throughout the day to guide you through any personal insights or struggles you may encounter.

What to Bring?

Appropriate footwear for venturing out into nature and being on a working farm.

Layers of clothing for variable weather conditions.

Sunscreen (we will also have some), pen, and an open mind.

A family member, friend, neighbor, cousin, or coworker!

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